What are Mobile KIOSKs

KIOSKs are an alternative way to sell and promote the mobile contents and services. Generally, it is located at the mobile shop where people come to pay the bill. It is designed to maintain customer satisfaction while they are waiting in a long queue. Instead of standing and waiting in the queue, customers can enjoy the product presentations, and check out for the promotions. Shop owners will gain a lot of benefits from having a KIOSK.

KIOSKs are normally designed to work with a touch screen monitor, as it is easy and convenient for the user to play around with an application. Data can be stored locally or remotely. This depends on many factors, like Internet connection, budgeting, and content types (online or offline).

Playwork KIOSK

Playwork KIOSK is mainly designed to serve the mobile VAS business. It is an alternative way to present and sale the mobile content. Though it is designed for mobile content, it is not limited to. We can modify it to support other type of contents, such as movies, music, and marketing promotions.


1. Multiple Contents Supported

Playwork KIOSK supports various types of contents; for instance, mobile application, mobile games, music, and video. Through there are a lot of contents inside the system, it’s still fast. Users can find the desire contents very easily, just search for it.

2. Multiple Languages Supported

The system is designed to support multiple languages. Thai and English is the default one. Other languages can be additionally added. By installing the language pack, the language required is automatically supported.

3. Reporting System

Every purchase transaction will be securely saved in the local disk. Shop owner can view it any time. The online transaction is also supported. The only requirement is the Internet connection. Report system is very important as the shop owner needs to know how many transactions are made in the day. Moreover, the purchase history can be used in the situation when the customer come back to consult about the problem they are facing.

4. Offline & Online Content Update

Content can be updated via offline and online media. The offline update can be done via the DVD or disk. Basically, we just need to synch the content data from the DVD or disk to the application in KIOSK. For shop with no Internet connection, this method is the most suitable. An alternative way to update the content is via the Internet. If the auto-update option is enabled, the application will automatically check for the update content. If available, the application will download the content and save inside the system. Online update is the preferable solution as the shop owners don’t have to worry about the new content.

5. Search

User can easily find the desire content by searching for it. Just input the keyword to search for, the system will quickly show up the content matching to the keyword. User can specify the wild card character ('*') to indicate an unknown character. This feature makes it easy for the customer to search for the desire content.

Key Benefits

1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Waiting in a long queue is somewhat boring. Some of the customers prefer to pay the bill online because they are tired of the traffic and wasting time in the queue. This causes a mobile shop to lose a significant number of revenues.

The KIOSK can help improving customer satisfaction. By adding the video presentation to the KIOSK, the customer can enjoy the video while spending time in the shop. The video is not limited to only the mobile content, but can be anything, such as new promotion, new product introduction, and etc. The game demo can be installed on the KIOSK as well. Customer can try the game before buying it. Movie preview is another example for interesting content. If desire, the system can embed the online ticket reservation system too.

Having those fun stuffs will greatly improve the image of the shop. More customers in the shop means more chance to get revenue.

2. Save Disk Space and Real Time Update

Content data can be saved in the internal storage; hard disk, or in the remote machine; cloud storage. The only requirement for storing data externally is the Internet connection. Thought keeping data inside the local disk is cheaper and faster, it has the limitation in terms of content update.

Playwork KIOSK offers the combination of these two methods. It uses local disk to store the data which is frequently used, and uses the cloud storage to store the data which is rarely used.

Metadata, such as name, description, and preview images will be stored locally as it is rarely updated, and it has be presented to the user very quickly. Moreover, those metadata are pretty much requires the storage space. Thus saving those data inside the local storage is considered to be the best choice.

The installation files, on the contrary, should be kept remotely as it will be updated frequently by the developer. If it is stored inside the KIOSK, we will face a hard time keeping it up-to-date. Most of the time, we have to update it manually (by using DVD to store the data for temporarily use). Another reason for storing the installation files remotely is that, the file itself will be used only when the customer downloads the contents. As such, storing the installation files inside the local disk is considered the wrong decision.

Hosting the installation files remotely not only gives the shop owner a cleaver way to store data, it also enables the developers to quickly update the installation files after they fixed the bug, or released the new version. As a result, the files to be installed to the end user mobile will be guaranteed to be the latest version.

Using this combining solution will greatly benefit the shop owner.

3. Easy to purchase and install

The system uses Bluetooth as the media to transfer the contents to the target mobile phone. Since Bluetooth is the default application embedded to every modern mobile device, there is no need to additionally install the 3rd party application to the phone to make it work. Unlink an online download; transferring file via Bluetooth doesn’t require the Internet connection. Users will feel comfortable and happy as they don’t have to pay extra money for the airtime charge. Besides, transferring the content via Bluetooth is very secure as you’ll be asked to confirm if you want to accept the connection from the KIOSK prior to do any further steps.

Purchasing the content via Playwork KIOSK will be done by cash basis. Because the customer is at the shop at that moment, there is no need to pay through the traditional mobile payment. Shop owner can enjoy the cash right after the customer decided to buy the content.