TV Ratings

As today the TV business is moving to digital, it is vital for TV channel to have the reliable tool to measure their TV program ratings. Playwork TV Ratings system is the proven tool to measure the popularity of the TV program. The system is well designed to support the rating measurement of the broadcasting TV with a Set Top Box receiver. Playwork TV Rating system exploits the power of mobile communication as a means to deliver the channel-watching data. The watching data is periodically sent from the set top box directly to the central system to process the statistics data.

Playwork TV Rating System is measured in high accuracy by measuring in a variety of dimensions, such as

  • Rating of viewers of the TV channels on a daily comparison over time
  • Period of watching in each TV Program on daily. (Stayed Tune)
  • The numbers of reached viewing on each channel on daily
  • Comparing the popularity of each TV Channels in the same group. (Comparing is under the same segment)
  • Areas address of the TV viewers in each TV programs
  • Overall popularity of TV channels in each areas segmented by the customers, such as in Bangkok and in the middle of the North East
  • Trend of popularity on TV channels at different times


1. Real Time Reporting

  • Ability to choose the specified period of time to show the Report of TV Rating
  • Ability to choose to view the report in overall daily format
  • Graph Report System is presented in the concept of Auto Refresh Page, the user do not have to press the “Refresh” button all the time
  • Multi-Graph Report System; provide the segment of the TV programs Graph Report by TV program type. The user can choose to view the graph of various TV channels for comparing the viewing statistic
  • Be able to show the area those your viewers are living in

2. Overview Report System

  • Ability to arrange the ranking of TV Rating by each Stayed Tune or Reach period
  • Ability to choose the specific period to compare the rank of TV programs rating

3. Channel View Report

  • Information Graph System – To show the amount of TV rating on each day
  • Be able to choose the specific period to analyze the TV Rating

4. Compare View Report System

  • Ability to compare the rating of TV channels those are in the same segment of channel type.
  • Ability to choose the specific period to compare the TV Rating

5. Geographic Report System

  • To segment the viewers of TV programs in each area in the country

6. User Authentication System

  • To give the right for the specified system user and to limit the access permission from the persons those are not involved

7. CMS System

  • For updating the members information and the information of each TV channel

8. Input Data Receiving through Mobile System