SMS Gateway

"Powerful SMS Broadcast System that can deliver the massive number of SMS to the end user very quickly"

Playwork SMS Gateway is the powerful tool to broadcast the massive number of SMS in the short period of time. The system can send SMS to the target mobile phone anywhere in the world. Thanks to the perfectly designed system, our corporate partners can easily and quickly broadcast SMS to their customer by using the web tool. Not limited to the pre-defined sending procedure, advanced partners who want to do their own way can utilize the provided API to programmatically broadcast SMS too.


1. Multiple Mobile Operators

The system is capable of sending SMS to all mobile operators in Thailand. There is no need to specify to which mobile operator the target mobile number belongs. The system can distinguish the mobile operator by means of checking in the up-to-date mobile database. Customer can rest assured that no matter which the mobile operator the target mobile number belongs, the end user can receive the SMS for sure.

2. International SMS

Not only supports the mobile operator in Thailand, Playwork SMS Gateway is also capable of sending SMS to the mobile phone outside the country. This is done through the international SMS gateway. Our customers can cheaply and easily send SMS to its desired mobile number by means of using Playwork SMS Gateway.

3. Multilingual SMS

Not only English language, the gateway does support others as well. The only requirement for receiving the correct text format is the phone itself needs to know what language the SMS is. For instance, if we send SMS in Thai to the European mobile phone with no Thai font installed, there will be no way for the phone to understand the SMS.

4. Long Text Support

According to the standard, the maximum English character allowed in 1 SMS is 160, and 70 for non-English language, like Thai. This restriction makes some of the SMS gateway perform strangely when sending long text SMS. It usually cuts long SMS into parts, multiple SMS, and sends out one by one. Though the SMS is successfully arrived to the target mobile, it is not concatenated back to the original form, which is one-long SMS. As a result, the SMS is hardly to read as it is divided into multiple SMS.

Playwork SMS Gateway, can send long text SMS in one-shot. The whole long SMS will be sent out in the same time. Thanks to the special technique, the SMS arrived to the mobile phone can be concatenated back to its original form. The end user will see only a one long readable SMS in the phone.

5. WAP Push Support

WAP Push is the URL link with a descriptive text. It is normally used when we want to send web page to the mobile phone. Because we cannot directly send HTML data to the phone as it is too big, we can instead send the link to it. When the WAP push arrived to the phone, it will be displayed as a link with some description. The end user can understand what the link is about by reading the text. Upon desire, the user can click the link to open the web page.

6. Delivery Notification

A delivery notification is the report telling us whether the SMS is successfully arrived to the mobile or not. If desire, customer can request for it. The system does support both offline and online report. The customer can see how many SMS is successfully arrived to the phone via the administrator web tool. With the powerful features, the system also provides the API for partners who want to know the delivery status in real time.

7. Group SMS

One of the key features in the web tool is the capability to group the target mobile number. Customer can create, modify, and delete the group freely as well as assign the numbers to each group. There is no restriction on grouping the mobile number; one number can be assigned to multiple groups. This flexibility brings no limitation to numbering management.

8. Scheduled SMS

It is necessary for the system to have the scheduled SMS feature. Playwork SMS Gateway gives the customer the ability to schedule the time to send SMS. Customer can rest assured that the SMS will be sent out in time. The web tool also provides the customer the ability to update the scheduled time or even cancel it. It can be done very easily, just a couple of clicks.

9. High Volume SMS

Thanks to the well designed engine, the system can handle up to millions SMS per day. Ten of thousands SMS can be sent out in a minutes. There will be no downtime or delay in sending out SMS because the engine is greatly designed to support Multi Threaded Multi Process (MTMP) mechanism. If one engine is down, another can continually handle the rest of jobs with no downtime.

10. Web Tool

Customers can easily send SMS by themselves by using the provided web tool. The menu and web interface is carefully designed so that the user will not face a hard time to study the web tool. Except the background related action, like API, customer can do almost every feature which the system provides via the web tool. The report is also included inside the web tool. Customer can query the status of each SMS as well as check the summary.

Having realized that security is the key concern for the web, the system strictly allows only the authorized people to log in. The password is strongly encrypted by the trustful encryption technique and securely saved in the database.

11. Filtering System

With regards to the privacy policy, the system is designed to support what we call “Black List”. Generally, the black list is the list of people who strongly refuses to receive any SMS. Prior to send out the SMS, the customer has an option whether to filter out the black list number from the group of people in the sending list. Customer can freely add or delete the number in the Black List.

12. API for Backend System

What makes Playwork SMS gateway better than others is the ability to provide the alternative SMS tunnel for partners. This powerful tunnel is achievable via the API. Providing the very flexible way to send SMS, business partner who wants to develop their own system for sending SMS can utilize this API. The API provides the way to programmatically submit the SMS data through the secure tunnel. This can make sure the information submitted will not be leak out.

As the API is the protocol-based communication, there will be no programming language barrier to programmers. Developers can freely choose whatever programming language they want as long as they can make sure the communication between systems will be in the right format.