Mobile Poll, Vote and SMS Activity

"The perfect tool to hear the real voice from the public"

One of the key benefits of SMS is that, it can be used to convey the thought of the public. Activities requiring the public voice, like comments, polls, and votes, can utilize SMS as a channel to express what people thought. Participating to the campaign, people can easily share their opinion in real time by just sending the SMS to the target short code.

Poll, vote, and opinion are three main activities which we usually do to determine the public sound. For the digital era like nowadays, we should exploit the online media for such activities. As SMS is the channel which everybody having the mobile phone can access to, it plays an important role on collecting the public voice. No matter how far the people are, they can participate to the poll campaign. Combined with the SMS Broadcast System, campaign producer can do both campaign promoting and comment receiving effectively and conveniently. This wonderful tool greatly helps campaign producer to collect the real voice from the public.


  1. Thai and English SMS supported
  2. Long SMS supported
  3. All mobile operators supported
  4. Real time poll and vote result
  5. Free and charging short code supported
  6. Customized Reply SMS according to the campaign
  7. 3D Graphical Report System

Key Benefits

  1. Perfect tool to create poll and vote
  2. All people in the country can participate to the poll, vote, and activity
  3. Real time and accurate poll and vote result
  4. SMS voting data can be used for further analysis
  5. The result is able to insert to the TV screen