Mobile Payments

"Revolutionizing online payments"

Mobile Payment is the new payment channel which the payment is made via the mobile phone. Mobile payment can support all kind of products, not limited just only to the mobile contents. Whether your product is tangible or intangible (like mobile applications), the mobile payment can be used as your major payment channel. Furthermore, since the payment can be done directly from the mobile phone, it can help increasing the sale volume as it is easy for the customer to make the payment.

Billing Channels

Currently, two popular billing channels are supported by the mobile payment, which are via the mobile operator billing, and via the Online Payment Gateway.

  • Mobile Operator

    For this channel, the payment can be made by two ways, which are via a Premium SMS, and via a WAP Charging. Upon successful payment, the customer will be deducted her money via the mobile operator’s billing system.

  • Online Payment Gateway

    Playwork Mobile Payment is connected with various payment gateway providers, such as mPay, PaySbuy, Banks, and Credit Cards. Customers can freely select the payment channel to which they prefer. The only requirement prior to making the payment is to make sure that they have the valid customer account with the preferable payment channel. For instance, if the customer wants to make the payment via the credit card, they need to have the valid credit card, or else the payment will be rejected.


Security is one of the most important things we are really focusing on. Having realized that security is the key concern for online payment, we carefully design the system to securely encrypt all transactions being sent and received between the client device and the payment gateway. All the payment transactions are securely encrypted by the SSL encryption key. This can guarantee only the verified partners and payment gateway is permitted to process and understand the data in the transactions. Customers can rest assure their payment will be 100% secure.

Reports and Notifications

Notification system is designed to help the business partner get notified when the payment is made. It is a great tool for the business partner who wants to get notified right after their customer purchases their product. Knowing this information could greatly help the business partner impress their customer by calling them back for usage suggestion. Besides the notification system, business partner can view the payment transactions and its status from the online report. This online report tool could help our business partner plan for the after sale service solution.


  1. Payment API with SSL Encryption Key
  2. Various Prices Supported
  3. All mobile handsets are supported
  4. Online Report and Payment History
  5. Payment Notification System

Key Benefits

  1. Fastest way to have the online payment on mobile
  2. Low investment and less complexity
  3. The most convenient way for the customer to make the payment
  4. Increase the chance to sale your products
  5. Ability to identify the customer who makes the payment
  6. Easy to integrate to any mobile website
  7. Campaign and Promotion Management
  8. Seamlessly integrated to the customer support system