Mobile News Platform

"The new wave of online news platform that can reach the public instantly and individually"

The Mobile News Platform is the perfect tool providing various wonderful features for the companies seeking for an effective way to propagate the news and information to their members instantly. The platform provides the easy-to-use web tool to broadcast the SMS news to the member. Besides the ability to broadcast SMS, the platform also provide the web tool to compose the long article for showing on the mobile portal.

Not only capable of broadcasting news to the subscribers, which is a one way communication, the platform is also capable of receiving the comments from the subscribers. This beautiful feature can be achieved by using SMS and mobile web capability.


1. SMS Push News

Nowadays, SMS News and Advertisement has become more and more popular among New Media Businesses. It is the easiest and considered to be one of the most effective ways to convey the text based information to the end user. Having this feature in the system makes the business partner able to conveniently send the short news to their member at any time.

With this feature, partner can push the SMS news to their subscribers in real time. If there is no network problem, the subscriber will receive the SMS news within a second. It is the fastest way to deliver the short text news to the member.

2. Video News

Besides SMS news, the system is also capable of delivering video news to the members. As for today, the video is considered to be the most popular online media which people like to consume. Having video news on the platform can undoubtedly empower the business focusing on mobile news. With a continuously expanding mobile network, there will be no delay when streaming the video on mobile phone. As such, having the video news in the platform can greatly help boosting up the views.

3. Segmentation News

Sometimes we want to send SMS news to only some of the subscribers, not all. With Playwork Mobile News Platform, you can do that easily. The platform offers the way to send different SMS to different group of people. All you have to do is just defining the group of people whom you want to receive the private SMS news. Sending the SMS news to this special group, there will be only the people in the group that will receive the SMS. The platform has provided the way to create, modify, and delete the group via the web tool. Business partner will find it very useful to have this feature.

4. Mobile Portal

Mobile portal has become a vital part of mobile news as it can contain a lot of information. News consisting of videos, images, and HTML can be made available to the end user by putting it on the mobile portal. Reporters and administrators can comfortably compose the news into the web interface. Though it is an optional, the approval process can be enabled prior to displaying the news on the portal.

5. User Comments

Having realized that user’s activity on the page is one of the key factors to drive the portal grows significantly. The platform does offer an end user the ability to post their valuable comments to each topic. The only requirement for the user to be able to post the comment is the membership status. The system will allow only the valid member to air their thoughts on the forums. The web administrator, therefore, can monitor and delete the unsuitable comments from the page.

6. Dynamic Page Rendering

What makes Playwork Mobile News Platform better than other competitors is the feature to dynamically render the HTML pages fit to each handset. The system makes use of the up-to-date UA Profile database to check for the handset screen resolutions. Customers can be sure the page output will always fit to the handset screens.

7. Poll System

Sometimes we want to know how people think about some particular events or situations. A common solution is to have the poll system. When adding the poll to the portal, people will see the question and list of choices they can vote on. However, they can ignore the poll if they like. There is no restriction on that. The vote will be unique, which means one people can vote only one time. The system can achieve this task by exploiting the unique MSISDN forwarded with the HTML header.

The outcome of the poll is reported on the web admin in real time. The validity of the poll can also be specified.

8. Advertisement Platform

Mobile Advertisement is the new source of revenue. Partners can add their own banners to advertise what they want. Since the banner is basically an animated image, so there is no limitation on putting the information on it. As long as the information fits to the size of the banner, everything will be fine. The platform allows partners to freely add whatever banner they want, with the unlimited number too. Validity date can be optionally applied so that the system will know how long the banner will be displayed on the page.

The number of clicks and views will be saved and reported on the web admin. Basically, this information is very important as it later will be used to calculate the advertisement cost.

9. News CMS

All news available on the portal is composed in the online tool namely News CMS. Only the authorized people can login and compose the news or article. The platform provides the online text editor tool for reporters to easily write the news. Reporters can copy the pre-written news from MS Word, and paste onto the online text editor, if they like. This feature greatly helps reporters to save the time to upload the urgent news as they don’t have to re-write the news again.

10. Statistics Reports

Statistics report is where we check for the ratings. It is necessary for the web business to have this type of reports in the system. Lack of the report can undoubtedly degrade the value of the system as there is no way to know in which part of the portal is popular the most, and in which part needs to be improved.

11. Member System

The member system is embedded in the platform by default. Partner can freely select to enable or disable this feature. Mobile number is the data which will be automatically saved into the member profile. If desire, partners can define the extra field which they want to keep. Bearing in mind that the requirement for each partner can be different, the platform is designed to support the extra data field which later partners can save whatever data they want to the database without having to modify the table schema.

12. Mobile Applications

Besides entering the portal by directly type the URL, end user can browse the portal through the mobile application. The application provides the easy way for the user to visit the portal. There is no need to remember the long and hard-to-remember URL, just only run the application. The mobile application can be installed in various mobile OSs. For instance, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.