Mobile Gaming Portal

Gaming portal is the place where mobile games are hosted. It is the big online market where customers can enjoy all kind of mobile games. As of the current time, more than 30,000 games are available on the portal. The games include 3D games, board and puzzle games, arcade games, and a lot more. The system supports almost every mobile OS; for example, Android, Black Berry, Windows Mobile, Java, and Symbian.

Unlike Software Mall, the payment model supported by the game portal is only the Buy Now payment.


One of the key factors to drive the Game Portal to grow very quickly is the ability to support multiple mobile handsets. Based on the current platform, the system can support the following mobile OSs

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Windows Mobile
  • Java

Customers using different mobile phone, with different OS, will see different games on the page. This is because games are usually not supported by all OSs. The system will select only the supported games to show to the customers. This can avoid the problem of installing an unsupported game to the phone.

1. Handset Recognition System

The system is capable of offering only the supported games to the user by means of verifying the mobile’s user agent, namely a UA Profile. A UA Profile indicates the handset model, the browser version, and the operating system. Different mobile handset has a different UA Profile. Game Portal has more than 6,000 UA Profiles in its database. And the number keeps increasing every day as the new mobile is come out to the market every week.

2. Banners and Content Recommendation

Banner is another effective way to promote the contents. The system is designed to support an unlimited number of banners. Partners can design the banners by themselves. Once finished, they just need to submit the banner to the partner manager. If everything is alright, the partner manager will upload the banner to the portal.

Banners are queued up and wait to be showed on the portal. Normally, there window time for the banner is 30 days. However, the days could be extended if partner has a special plan to promote the content.

3. Content Management System

CMS is the heart of the system. It is the place where admin and publishers use to manage the contents. All contents available on the portal are added via the CMS. Main functions of the CMS are as follows:

  • Content and Service Management
  • Partner Management
  • Revenue and Report System
  • Transactions Report
  • Customer Management
  • Handset Management
  • Campaign and Promotion Management
  • Account Authentication and Authorization System

Different account will be granted a different access level. This mechanism can ensure that the secret information will not be exposed to the people who are not authorized. For example, the revenue report section should be able to access only by the management and accounting department; whereas, the content and partner management section should be accessible by the content team, marketing, and business development team.