Broadband TV Solution "High-end Internet TV for modern TV business"

“High-end Internet TV for modern TV business” In the Internet era, Analog Broadcast TV is challenged by Internet TV. Many reports state that the media consuming behavior of most people has been changed; especially those who are considered to be in the target group are spending their time watching online content, like YouTube, more than traditional media. Peoples lifestyles continuously change, they rarely have time to watch live TV programs. Instead, they search for the archived content on the Internet whenever they are free.

Taking this fact into consideration, some innovative TV channels are very well aware of this rapid change. They are preparing themselves for Internet TV.

Playwork Broadband TV Solution offers a state of the art broadband TV system for business partners who want to spread their wings to Internet TV. Not only capable of providing on-demand contents, the system also offers the ability to stream live TV directly to viewers. The system supports various types of content such as movies, radio, news and articles. Business partners can easily manage the content as well as view reports via the administration interface.

Linear Streaming

Linear Streaming delivers a list of video archives which are already scheduled. The video content queued in the playlist will only be streamed when it's scheduled. There will be no chance for the viewer to request to see any single video. Linear Streaming is replacement solution for traditional Broadcast TV.

Playwork Linear Streaming System (LSS) provides partners a traditional approach of delivering the video content. Not only does LSS provide a classic way of managing the video content, LSS also supports modern features like time-shifting, user behavior logging, and multiple target device support. All these great features are fully supported by Playwork Broadband TV system.

Content Sources

Content to be streamed can be from multiple sources which are the archived movies, rebroadcasting, and live events.

  • Archived Movies

    For archived movies, all video contents are securely saved in the Playwork Storage System. Since the movie data is internally stored, each streaming node can effectively handle a large amount of concurrent users. Network bandwidth is the only limit.
  • Rebroadcasting

    For rebroadcasting, video content will not be saved inside the system. Instead, the content will pass through the streaming nodes in real time. The rebroadcasting system merely acts as the middleware to receive the input video, and stream out to the viewer. With regards to the rights protection policy, Playwork Linear Streaming System is configured not to record any part of the rebroadcasted stream.
  • Live

    Live streaming can be achieved by injecting the live content into the streaming system. Live content can come from various sources; for example digital camera, satellite, and Live event from the Internet. Playwork Broadband TV system allows the channel owner to easily select the content source to stream out to the viewer.

On Demand Streaming

On demand streaming gives people the ability to select and watch the videos they want. Unlike broadcasting, on demand video can serve the needs of people who do not have time to stay in and watch linear TV. As the lifestyles of people have change, on demand TV is getting more and more popular.

Load Balanced Streaming System

One of the key indicators of whether the streaming system can support a massive number of subscribers is the ability to expand the streaming server to multiple nodes. Playwork Broadband TV solution can support system expansion by simply adding streaming nodes to the server farm. Having realized that the implementation time is one of the most important keys for business competitiveness, Playwork Broadband TV solution is designed to easily and quickly horizontally scale the streaming system so that your customers viewing pleasure will never be impacted.

Media Encoding System

Having realized that the video files to be streamed out can be saved in various file formats, Playwork Broadband TV system greatly simplifies the streaming process by allowing multiple video file formats to be imported into the Streaming System. With the great power of Playwork Streaming System, the channel owner can select the encoding type based on their needs. Two encoding solutions are provided by the system; the archived file and the real time encoding. Archived file is the content file which needs to be encoded prior to stream output, whereas real time streaming does not need to do so. Regardless of the way of encoding, Playwork Broadband TV solution can serve your customers needs.

Channel Studio System

The Channel Studio System is the place where channel owners manages their contents. It empowers the channel admin to manage all of their contents very easily and conveniently.


  • Create and manage TV channels
  • Create and manage advertisements
  • Manage Live and On Demand content
  • Manage the news & info content
  • View and manage all reports (statistics, user behavior, advertisement reports, etc)
  • Create and manage promotions and marketing campaigns
  • Create and manage packages including member subscriptions

Digital Rating System

One of the great benefits that Playwork Broadband TV offers to the channel owner is the ability to know the rating of each TV program and its contents. Channel owners will never miss the chance to get more revenue from advertising. A variety of reports give the TV channel owner the ability to know the popularity of each TV program, which is very important when analyzing the customer needs.


  • Supports Live TV, TV on Demand, Music, News, and Articles
  • Time shifting for Linear TV
  • Multiple devices and multiple OSs supported
    1. Computers and notebooks (Windows, Mac OSx, and Linux)
    2. Android phones and tablets with Android OS
    3. iPhone and iPad
    4. Nokia and other smart phones
  • Multiple streaming protocols supported
  • Multiple file formats supported flv, f4v, mp4, mov and many more
  • Secure streaming protocol supported