Mobile System

With our strong relationship with the mobile operators and our expertise in the field has been driving us to be one of the top mobile content providers and mobile solutions in Thailand.


Cloud Solutions

Playwork Cloud solutions will reduce your organization’s cost of building the IT infrastructure and to have more time to spend on emphasizing your business.


Smart Grid

Smart Grid Solution facilitates the utilities by ensuring all the usage data will be correctly and timely deliver to the centralized system to process in the further steps. We have the strong strategic partners who expertise the field of smart energy.


TV Ratings System

TV Ratings system is the proven tool to measure the popularity of the TV program. The system is well designed to support the rating measurement of the broadcasting TV with a Set Top Box receiver.



Playwork Broadband TV Solution offers the state of the art broadband TV system for business partners who want to spread their wings to the Internet TV.


Education Platform

Playwork Education Platform offers a more collaborative, interactive, and mobile learning experience that constantly evolves, and you’ll keep every student engaged like never before.