With our philosophy, 'Inno-creative' leads the way meaning for being innovative and creative working team. We trust in knowledge and continuing study to strengthen our research and business development team in five keys areas which are Mobile Total Solution, Cloud Infrastructure, Broadband Technology, Smart Grid and Digital Content.

We are honest, reliable and work hard to bring in new solution and services along with our strategic partners to fulfill customers and Thailand's market.

Playwork Innovation Experiences

SMS on Screen

Since 2005, Playwork had launched SMS on screen solution and services through TV Stations which was the very first company in South East Asia to offer the engaging service to consumers. It certainly has a huge impact to generate revenues and gain more benefits to any TV stations and programs until today.

Broadband TV Solution

We are the pioneer for developing the Broadband TV Service with the technology of LTE Advanced to be happened in Thailand. We created the Broadband TV Platform that is the ecosystem for the viewers, advertisers and content providers. With our Broadband TV Platform, any content providers can stream their contents through our platform plus value added services to their consumers. For users, we provide the function of "User Created Content" for the one who wants to fulfill their dreams to become true in creating & producing their own television programs.

Smart Grid & Smart Energy

To be part of the go green community, smart grid and smart energy has become our great potential expanding business area. With trusted standard technology, we can provide smart grid and smart energy solution plus the last mile value added service to consumers. Making life much more convenient, fun, connected and affordable!

Playwork Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solution, we provide a better and convenient for digital life. Consumers can easily enjoy "store, share and social" any type of media and entertainment contents on the go.