Playwork projects that support the publication of Bhuddism

Dhamma4U Service

Dhamma4U is the free mobile message service that will send you the valuable teaching words from Buddhism. We will send you one mobile message per day.

*** This service is available only for the AIS customer

One message per day (Free)

To apply for this service, call *4552333, the system will apply for you automatically.

Cloud Temple iOS Application

Cloud Temple is iOS application for the celebration of 2600 years of Buddha's Enlightenment. The application is intended to present the Buddha’s teachings those people can use to apply for their daily life.

What you will find in this emerging Internet applications
  • Doctrines and ideas in Buddhism
  • Major commentaries on the teachings in the video
  • Participation by sharing the comment
  • Participation by submitting a video clip or activities

More information available at