CTO / IT Director


  • A degree in Information Systems, Computer Science or Marketing and professional experience
  • Masters degree or doctoral degree is a plus
  • Strong language skills including excellent written and oral English


  • To act as a leader in the organization across a broad horizontal plane beyond the functional requirements of the role
  • To improve overall project management by assisting and mentoring Information Technology staff in project work
  • Assist marketing and product development as required
  • To develop and implement information technology strategies that is aligned with, and support, overall company.  Critical dimensions include needs, value, cost, time and compatibility with other systems
  • To identify and recommend business improvement initiatives within the business
  • To partner with the business to identify cost effective and strategic technology opportunities to resolve problems, improve processes and efficiency, and drive performance
  • To provide project management, planning and execution for the scoping, conceptualization, architecture, implementation and user acceptance testing of new technologies, technology upgrades and business improvement enhancements
  • Direct and lead Information Technology staff to effectively manage information technology platforms, telephony and infrastructure
  • Direct and lead Information Technology staff on information technology controls and processes
  • To manage information technology controls and processes
  • To develop processes and standards, monitor, identify and implement efficiencies
  • To ensure compliance in initiatives such as information protection, network and desktop security, coding standards, and business continuity planning
  • To manage and lead the Business Continuity Plan for the company
  • To manage the premises to ensure a pleasant and productive work environment ensuring compliance with all codes and regulations
  • To manage and lead the Information Technology Team to ensure they are appropriately recruited and developed.  This includes scheduling, prioritizing and delegating work, providing guidance and sharing expertise, encouraging personal development, identifying training and development needs and implementing solutions, performance management and conducting performance reviews
  • To provide a high quality and efficient service to all users to allow them to work productively at all times
  • To ensure business requirements, functional specifications and procedures are documented and kept up-to-date to maximize the level of service provided to all users
  • To prepare an annual plan of information technology expenditure, including a capital plan, and to monitor and report against this plan on a monthly basis
  • To accurately forecast expenses and manage the Information Technology budget
  • To acquire and maintain a high level of market intelligence through attending industry seminars, obtaining and reading relevant literature and furthering education
  • To keep the Management Team aware of information technology developments and standards in Thailand